Monday, June 23, 2008

Roksonaki CD Update

The latest word from Roksonaki producer Helen Faller is that all the legalities should be sorted out, and Roksonaki CDs will be available to buy online by August 1, 2008. Check the Mosaiqa Records site, or right here at Silk Road Caravan for more updates.

A full description of all the activities and events of the 2008 Nauryz with Roksonaki tour can be found in this report (PDF download).

Word is that the group has been invited back for another U. S. tour in spring 2009 -- stay tuned!


kazkaz said...

Very interesting! I discovered this group reading your post about roksonaki in the United States and have been surprised by some of their themes, so I hope to get this new work and listen their music in this new adventure. Thanks for sharing. Gloria.

Nyura said...

Hi Gloria,

I'm looking forward to hearing more of Roksonaki's work too. I tried to get a CD in Washington, DC a few years ago, but the Smithsonian had sold out of everything.

Do you think you'll be able to get a DVD of Shuga in Spain? The only non-blockbuster KZ film released in the US so far is Schizo.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nyura,
Could you tell us more info about Roksonaki?Is it a kazakh group?
Thank you.

Nyura said...

Roksonaki is a Kazakhstani (and Kazakh) trio that plays ancient Kazakh/nomadic music with a modern spin, on traditional instruments. This past spring they played a 5-week Nauryz tour in several US cities -- info and links are in this article from last April, Roksonaki on the Air.

samraat said...